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About our company

Lisa has had an eye for design most of her life, even before she realized it. Known for her knack for color coordination and insightful suggestions, she naturally found her niche in creating beautiful spaces.

As a specialist in vacation rental design, Lisa transforms apartments and homes into captivating retreats for the Airbnb platform. Her expertise lies in crafting themed interiors that appeal to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether designing an entire property or focusing on individual rooms, Lisa offers flexible, customized services to fit any budget and vision.

Over the past two years, Lisa has brought 14 rentals to life, each project reflecting her dedication to style and functionality. As her business continues to grow, she is passionate about helping more property owners enhance their spaces and attract more bookings.

Join Lisa on this journey to elevate your rental property. Let her unique design touch make your space a standout choice for guests.

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